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The Edmonton Chamber is the official voice of business in the Capital Region. With thousands of business and corporate members, we are one of the largest chambers in Canada and among the most influential business organizations in the country.

We are a not-for-profit organization that derives its funding from the support of our members, as well as a variety of initiatives operated by the Edmonton Chamber.


On February 27, 1889, 33 of Edmonton’s most visionary pioneers signed the “certificate of formation” that officially launched the first ever Edmonton Chamber of Commerce – known until 1928 as the Edmonton Board of Trade. The Edmonton Chamber is an institution located in the city of Edmonton and is proud to have contributed to many community accomplishments since its inception.


Our mission is to create the best environment for business.

The Edmonton Chamber is proud to introduce our new brand pillars -- Advocate. Educate. Connect. With the largest and most diverse membership of business professionals, the Edmonton Chamber fosters and supports the business environment in the Edmonton region through advocacy to all levels of government, education and support opportunities, and connection to local and business communities.

As a member of the Edmonton Chamber, your organization benefits via each of these pillars:

Advocate: Your membership strengthens our ability to influence positive change that benefits your business.

Educate: Foster positive growth for your business using valuable educational experiences offered through your membership.

Connect: Your membership provides you with access to the broadest connection to local and business communities in the Edmonton region.

Take advantage of your membership by becoming involved in one of our policy committees, attending education and networking eventssponsoring an Edmonton Chamber event or receiving preferential membership perks!

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