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Featured Policies

Policy Development Overview

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce standing policy committees develop policies and positions that reflect the best interests and directions of the local business community and help advance the Edmonton Chamber’s mission to create the best environment for business.

Policy ideas are raised by Edmonton Chamber volunteers, members and staff, and are reflective of the issues faced by today’s business climate. Following policy development, committee vetted policies are forwarded to the Policy Forum, the Edmonton Chamber’s main policy approval body.  

Issues occasionally arise that are beyond the mandate of one specific committee. If the issue is of concern to the business community, the Policy Forum may strike a task force and solicit members experienced in the area of concern. The recommendation of the task force will follow the same route as the committee process.

Once approved, policies become official positions of the Edmonton Chamber and are used to lobby all three levels of government on behalf of our members. If a locally approved policy is of provincial and/or national significance, the policy may also be submitted to the Alberta Chamber of Commerce (Spring) and Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Fall) for possible approval into their books.

Listed below is a collection of recent Edmonton Chamber policies dealing with all three levels of government:




Position Articles

Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Policy Development Process

For more information, contact:
Warren Singh
Director of Policy

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