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Policy Committees

Standing Policy Committees  

Standing policy committees and their business volunteers are the Edmonton Chamber's main information and policy development resources. Designed to develop policies reflecting the best interests of the local business community, each committee serves as the main policy advice arm regarding its particular area of expertise for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Centre Edmonton. All Edmonton Chamber committees, as well as task forces (temporary), are comprised of senior volunteers from Edmonton's business community who hold specific subject matter expertise in their respective areas.

The members that sit on these committees work diligently to discuss and develop policy issues into policy positions, which they believe have an adverse impact on commerce and Edmonton’s business community.

During the committees' yearly cycles (September – June), policy positions are forwarded to Policy Forum, the Edmonton Chamber’s main policy decision making body, for further debate and approval.

Once approved, these positions form the consensus used to lobby all three levels of government on behalf of Edmonton Chamber members.

2014-15 Active Standing Policy Committees

Energy & Environment Committee
Finance & Taxation Committee

Municipal Affairs Committee

For more information about how to join a standing policy committee, click here.

Task Forces

The Edmonton Chamber currently has two task forces in operation. Both task forces were struck at the June 2011 board meeting and have continued to demonstrate success and relevance to our members. These task forces have had their mandates renewed on an annual basis since their formation.  

Workforce Development Task Force

Trade & Market Access Task Force

Policy Forum

Led by the vice chair of the Edmonton Chamber board of directors, Policy Forum is made up of the chairs of each standing policy committee, and task forces if applicable, along with other select board members. All issues lobbied for by the Edmonton Chamber must first receive approval from Policy Forum.

For more information about Policy Forum, click here.

For more information, contact:
Warren Singh
Director of Policy

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